Before you think about ‘dieting’

With the spring comes thoughts of swim suits and losing weigh.  Before you start, consider this:

  1. Set up long-term goals (weight, dress or pant size) and make them realistic.
  2. Change your dietary habits for life, not just for weight loss.  Most diets fail and weight gain comes back within three years.
  3. Drink lots of water to help fill you up and clear you out.
  4. Take a dietary fiber like chicory root, acacia, etc. to help fill you up.

Diet sabatogers.

  1. There’s nothing like alcohol to relax you and decrease your will power. My advice—stay away!
  2. Another sabatoger. Notice that, after a stressful day, is when you tend to eat/drink more? However, since we cannot avoid stress, let’s support the body.

Herbal support.

  • Herbs like licorice and Rehmannia root support the adrenals, which (among other things) are our “fight or flight” gland.
  • Herbs like American skullcap, passionflower and chamomile help support the central nervous system and can help relax us.
  • Herbs that “clean you out” like cascara sagrada and senna can be used for short term detoxing and dandelion root is great for the liver.
  • Kudzu (taken as a tea) has been reported to curb the desire for alcohol.
  • Gymnema has been shown to curb sugar cravings.

Good luck and remember, if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying!

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