The ABC’s of Kidney Support

ATTUNE: Winter is the season of going inward, of slowing down, of being more and doing less. We need to attune, or literally, get in tune with the season of winter, of water, of quietude. This means drink more water, perhaps a nice warm tea and give your body a rest.
BALANCE: the kidneys help maintain a balance of fluids within our body. Without this balance, our cells would explode with too much fluid or dry up with too little fluid. Kidneys are also responsible for maintaining proper ion balance, which, in turn, helps to regulate the body’s pH. If the body’s pH is out of balance, the body can do things such as pull calcium out of bones to get the pH back into balance or form kidney stones if there is too much acid in the body which it can’t eliminate it.
CLEANSE: the kidneys are the body’s filtration system and so it’s necessary to support them.
There are many herbs that support the kidneys. Some are used to help the body to rid itself of an unwanted infections, others to help minimize kidney stones, and still others to help the circulatory system by lowering blood pressure via a diuretic action. Below is a kidney tonic tea. Feel free to use all or just some of the herbs, and the herbs can be either fresh or dried. And remember, drinking lots of good, clean water is the best way to support your kidneys!
Kidney tonic tea
One part of each:
Astragalus: adaptogenic, mild diureticCleavers: clearing, cooling, mild diureticGoldenrod: cooling, mild diuretic, spasmolyticHibiscus flower: cooling, mild diureticHorsetail-moistening and coolingStinging nettles: high in minerals, mild diuretic and cooling
One half part of each:
Dandelion leaves (mild diuretic)Licorice root (adaptogen, anti-inflammatory, moistening—it’s also very sweet!)
Use one heaping teaspoon for about 8 ounces of water, but you can always adjust for taste. Boil the water, turn off the heat, throw in the herbs and cover for 10-15 minutes. Strain and drink. If you like sweeter tea, you can add ¼ part Stevia leaf to the tea mix or add honey after the tea has been brewed. The licorice root will make the tea pretty sweet, so use only ½ part to start. Happy Winter!

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