about the Wellness Questionnaire

Asking the right questions is critical when customizing anything for an individual. Thus, Invibe turned to Simon Mills, a clinical herbalist for over thirty years in the UK, who has long been involved in both clinical and academic work. Please see Mr. Mills bio for more information.

Easy to take. Designed to be taken in under 3 minutes, the Questionnaire features different categories with varying statements within each that might describe someone’s current state. Choose as few as two— and up to 10—statements which you feel best applies to you.

Taking the Wellness Questionnaire

step 1. Press any button in blue that says “Wellness Questionnaire”

step 2. Pick up to ten statements that most resonate with you. Then drag and drop them into your order of importance.

step 3.  Our proprietary algorithms backed by forty years of herbal expertise immediately reveals your custom herbal blend created from your answers. If you change your mind about your answers, simply retake the Questionnaire.  

step 4. Name your blend so you will always have it. This allows you to reorder your blend or create different blends on hand for different needs.

step 5. Complete your secure transaction.

Take the Wellness Questionnaire – It’s fun and fast.

Wellness Questionnaire