frequently asked questions

How is my herbal tea different from other teas?

We only use 100% certified USDA organic or wild-crafted herbs.  We never spray our teas for flavors like most tea vendors.

Why are there particles in my tea?

Ingesting herbs enhances the action of the herbs and therefore makes the tea more effective.   We call our process “steep and seep”.  This may take a little getting used to, and if you don’t like it, just go ahead and put a paper filter inside the metal strainer.

Should I always use my infusion carafe?

You don’t have to use the carafe, but we have tried to make the process simple and fast.  (See below for more instructions and ideas.)

How to use the Invibe Herbal Infusion Carafe

How long should I let my tea steep?

Traditional teas are steeped for 10 minutes.  But shaking your infusion carafe speeds up the steeping time dramatically, so that you can shake and drink. Please note that your tea may be taken hot, cold or any temperature in between.

What temperature water should I use for my custom herbal tea?

Whether you use a teapot or the infusion carafe, we recommend hot water. If you like it cold, for maximum benefit, start with hot and the put in the refrigerator.

How often should I take my blend?

That depends on you and your needs. We recommend 2-4 times per day.

How many times can I reuse my herb serving with another water refill?

After you have filled the carafe with water once, you may fill it with water one more time .That’s 2 carafes of water per 1 serving of herbs.  This makes our tea extremely economical.  Herbs must be used that day.

Can I add other teas or flavor to my blend?

Yes.  We formulate for taste as well as health; however there are a number of options for you to “spice” up your tea.

  • You can mix it with your favorite “non-medicinal” tasting tea and still get all the benefits.  
  • You can add milk or any type of creamer.
  • You can add stevia or other natural sweeteners. Note: if you want to honey, you will want to remove the strainer or that will make cleanup that much more sticky.
  • You can add a splash of organic juice, like elderberry, blueberry, etc. We like the concentrated juices.
  • You can add ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, or any spice that you would enjoy in a tea.

Can anyone else drink my tea?

Yes, but if your tea was custom blended for you, then you may want to keep this one for yourself!

What is the “Signature Blend”?

This is a tea created to support your entire body AND taste good.  We recommend drinking this tea when you’re not drinking your custom-created blend.  We love it cold.

How do I re-order the same blend?

You must have taken the questionnaire, named and saved your unique blend.  If you have done this, simply log into your account and click on the “My Account” tab, or “My Blends” tab under the “Product” tab.  Choose whichever blend you want to re-order (many people have more than one).

Can I retake the wellness questionnaire?

Yes.  In fact, we recommend retaking the questionnaire every six months, or as priorities change.  

How much tea should I order?

How much to order is up to you.  However, we believe that one-month is the minimum one should consume their custom blended herbal infusion for maximum benefit.

Benefits of the Invibe multi-purpose infusion carafe

Although designed for Invibe’s herbal teas, the durable Invibe Multi-purpose Infusion Carafe is the perfect, go-anywhere infuser for all your hydration needs. The infusion carafe:


  • Brews tea without the need of a teapot. (see below)
  • Brews coffee without the need of a coffee pot. (see below)
  • Makes infused waters quickly without a mess.(see below)
  • Is easy to clean (no mold at the bottom like many thermos’ as both lids unscrew for easy cleaning).
  • Is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

What’s the best way to clean my infusion carafe?

We simply rinse ours out under hot water.  However, you can put them on the top rack of the dishwasher if desired.

Can I put a different tea in the infusion carafe?

Yes. This is perfectly fine.  Just don’t forget to drink your personalized tea at least once a day.

Can I order another infusion carafe separately?

Yes.In fact, we recommend one for coffee and one for tea.

Making tea in my infusion carafe.

  • First, start with a clean carafe. I just rinse mine out with hot water, but the carafes are upper rack-dishwasher safe.
  • Put the amount of tea you desire in the stainless steel strainer. We recommend 1 teaspoon of your Invibe blend per 6-8 ounces of water.
  • Once you’ve placed your herbs in the strainer, close the lid tightly, and turn upside down.
  • Now, simply pour your hot water in. I use boiling but I would urge caution because the carafe can get hot.  Screw the top lid back on tightly and shake a couple of times.

Your tea is now ready.  You can keep your strainer in for greater strength, or remove it.


Making coffee in my infusion carafe.

Making coffee using an insert (purchased separately).

  • First, you will need to purchase a K-cup type reusable insert similar to the picture below.


  • Fill insert to the desired level of brew (I use about one tablespoon).
  • Put the insert into the stainless steel strainer and close that side tightly.
  • Flip over and fill the carafe with boiling water.
  • Place the lid on and close tightly.
  • You can let it sit or shake it a couple of times.
  • Turn it back over and remove the strainer and the k-cup insert.
  • Add milk and sugar if desired.

Voila!  No coffee maker needed: just your Invibe infusion carafe, an insert, coffee and hot water.

Making coffee via the drip method.

  • Make sure the bottom lid is on tightly.
  • Flip over and fill the stainless steel strainer with a courser ground of coffee—between 1-2 tablespoons depending on how strong you like it.
  • Pour hot water slowly over the coffee.
  • When done, remove the strainer, add milk and sugar if desired, and drink!

Again, no coffee maker needed, just your Invibe infusion carafe, coffee and hot water.

Making infused water in my infusion carafe.

Infused waters are simple to make and they make hydration even tastier.

I like to start with some frozen fruit because it’s cold and will keep your water cooler, longer.

  • Chop up the fruit and or vegetables as needed. Here are some that work well:  strawberries, kiwi, cucumbers, beets, and raspberries.
  • Remove the lid on the side where the strainer is.
  • Add your fruits and veggies (and crushed ice if wanted) to the stainless steel strainer.
  • Close that side tightly and turn upside down.
  • Now fill with clean water and close that lid.
  • Shake several times and your water is ready to drink.
  • You can reuse the fruits/veggies as long as your water is kept cold, or you are fast drinker.