How to Seduce an Herbalist?

Seduction, herbalist style.
Roses out-of-season, meh.
Greeting cards, meh.
Wine, notsomuch.
Chocolate – duh (extra dark, please).
Dishes done, childcare handled – now yer talking.
Back rubs, a delicious night out (bonus points for dance, fresh air/natural beauty, live music or art), laughter, excellent conversation, consent – for sure.
And if you really want to give your herbalist partner something exquisitely pleasurable (or yourself, if it’s self-loving on the agenda)…pull out some herbal aphrodisiacs and deepen into a whole new level of fun and intimacy –
yes, yes!
“Wait!”, you say, “Aphrodisiacs are real?”
Why, yes they are.
And they aren’t just for herbalists, of course…You too can give your libido a nudge in the direction of juicy, with a tincture like Love Potion #9, from the amazing formulators at Seattle’s The Herbalist. Or head on over to our friend Joan Greeley’s shop at Plant Wisdom Within for her incredible, inspired line-up of eight different Pleasure Cordials , including formulas like the enticing Cacao-Rose Love Elixir, Vacation Sex, and Aphrodite’s Aperitif!
“Pleasure Cordials are a thing?”, you say.
Why yes, YES they are.
Infused with herbal constituents that help you relax your mind and body, bring circulation to the pelvic area and lubrication to the important bits, herbal aphrodisiacs* can really help you get down with your sensual self.
As with all herbal products, some are great and some not at all. SO, look for a nice, handcrafted tincture like the ones mentioned above or shop locally and look for herbs like Damiana (Turnera diffusa), Rose (Rosa spp.), Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), Oats (Avena Sativa), or Catuaba (Trachillia catigua). Or, even better…..go see an herbalist who can make a recommendation to you personally. If your libido is low, aphrodisiacs may be a part of the solution, but you may also benefit from tweaks (or an overhaul) to your eating or lifestyle, to help you find your spark.
More on the holistic herbal care philosophy– from aphrodisiac maker and life loving goddess Joan Greeley herself.
Now, go make some love, give some love, get some! Alright? Alright.
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