Thoughts for the new year

I think it’s safe to say that 2017 was a pretty tumultuous year. Therefore, I’d like to share some thoughts from one of my favorite “big thinkers”, Kiril Sokoloff. I have known Kiril since the mid-90’s as the founder of 13D, but he is also the author of Personal Transformation: An Executive’s Story of Struggle and Spiritual Awakening.
Here are some of his thoughts:
Never give up. Kiril battled and overcame deafness in a world that does not slow down because you cannot hear.
Have a purpose to your life. Without meaning, we are souls adrift.
Strive for balance–balance between work and fun, a balance between intensity and relaxation, a balance between thinking and meditating, a balance between male energy and female energy, a balance between spirituality and focusing on the world.
Re-live everyday. We rush around so much during the day that we can’t remember what we had for breakfast. So, take the time at night before retiring to go through mentally, your entire day—from how you felt waking up, to what you had for dinner, everything. This way, you won’t have missed anything.
Take care of your health—especially your nervous system. (May I add that adaptogenic herbs are perfect for this?)
Remember both the good and the bad times. In a book written by David Brooks, his message was that most people don’t really remember the good times. They remember how hard the bad times were, and the fact they got through it. It’s important to remember both.
I’m looking forward to sharing 2018 with you all and hope that the feeling of peace and inter-connectedness stay with us on this fabulous journey around the sun.
As always, if you have any questions, on herbs, herbal medicine, nutrition or healthy living, please contact us.

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